Monday, July 14, 2014

The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao

I believe that almost everyone who has listened to popular music has daydreamed or at least thought about the possibility of becoming friends with their favourite singer. Perhaps even something more.

Well, in The Real Score, Caitlyn Tan (same surname as me!) is the best friend of Marcus, the lead frontman of the uber popular band Gezellig. To everyone else, they're the perfect couple, but they keep insisting that they're just friends. But after they agree to do an interview about their friendship together, they find that their current relationship status may be changed to something more than friends.

To me, it was really refreshing to see a book that didn't fall into romance straight away. Yes, there is romance, but the emphasis for the most part, would be their friendship. Caitlyn and Marcus are a great couple because they're best friends.

And I pretty much identified with Caitlyn. I'm friends with loads of guys (although none of them are famous, yet), so I can totally believe Caitlyn and Marcus being BFFs without the romance angle for the first few years of their friendship. And Caitlyn being afraid to jepordise her friendship in order to date Marcus? I totally understand how she felt. In fact, she's my favourite character throughout the book and I was rooting for her to get her happy ending - even if that meant just being friends with Marcus (and no, this is not a spoiler about their relationship)

I LOVED this book. Because I identified so much with Caitlyn, I found myself really caught up in her (and Marcus's) story. And to make things even better, she's Filipino (maybe Filipino Chinese?), which is where all the "Asian Pride" stuff came in. I really enjoyed reading all the references to Filipino culture and yes, their dried mangoes are awesome. The ripe mangoes are pretty tasty too!

If you like music and boy bands, you'll probably love this book. I highly recommend it to everyone who's ever dreamt of becoming friends with a star.

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