Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd

NOTE: I planned to continue the regular posting schedule, but my grandma fell ill and we had to send her to the hospital.

As soon as I got back to Singapore, I went to the library (yes, that is me). While browsing through the Youth section, I found The Madman's Daughter. If I remember correctly, there were quite a few reviews about it some time back. So I figured it was a good book to take a chance on.

Fortunately, I was not let down. The Madman's Daughter is about Juliet Moreau, a girl who has fallen from society and become a maid. Her life is hard and miserable and after a professor at the university she works for tries to rape her, she gets fired and somehow finds her way to her father (whom she didn't know she was alive). The first few chapters were full of amazing coincidences - like her finding Montgomery, her father's assistant.

The real story starts when she's on her father's island, and she slowly finds out the secret behind the strange islanders. The secret didn't take long to be unveiled, and most of the plot was about how she dealt with the knowledge.

And of course, there is the obligatory love triangle. The man she loved though, was so obvious that even if she didn't know it, the reader would. But I must admit, I really did enjoyed the plot twist brought about by the love triangle - I think it's fantastic that the author worked this relationship into the plot (normally it feels like there's a 'save the world' plot (aka the main story) and then the 'which guy do I choose' plot).

All-in-all, this is a pretty good book. I hear it's a series, so if I ever see it in Japan, I'll probably buy and read the second book.


  1. I really liked the beginning, but the island paet really bored me.

    1. Oh I see..... hmmm, I can see what you mean (I guess I'm lucky I like island stories :p)


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