Monday, June 10, 2013

The Devil Has No Mother by Nicky Cruz

I don't think I've ever reviewed Run Baby Run, but that's because I read it way before I started this blog. I was about twelve, and this, along with the "companion book" The Cross and the Switchblade were the two books that I borrowed the most often. So when I heard that Nicky Cruz had a new book out, I immediately requested it on NetGalley.

While this book isn't like Run Baby Run (which was an autobiography), it's still an excellent book that I consider a must read for Christians.

The Devil Has No Mother deals with spiritual warfare, and in this book, Nicky Cruz goes through the ways the devil can attack us, how we can withstand it, and of course, lots of personal examples.

Bottom line, the devil is real and he's scary. Like seriously scary. Perhaps it's because Singapore (despite it's modern facade) is still at heart a superstitious society (see the Seventh Month Festival), but because of that, things like demons ands spirits are believed in. Perhaps now the younger generation (fine, my generation) don't believe in ghosts anymore, but the point is that for me, believing in the existence of satan and demons and the like is normal.

For example, even though my family is mostly Christian (or perhaps because my family is mostly Christian), we have had encounters with Satan. I have had (non-Christian) relatives who were believed to be possessed, and well, I have felt the fear that comes with the presence of evil.

So for me, this book is encouraging and invaluable. It reminds me that yes, the danger is real and kicking but we have already won. Satan knows his time will come eventually, but he's not going down without a fight. So as a Christian, I have to remember that no matter how scary the devil seems, he's not greater than my God.

Disclaimer: I got this ebook from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.


  1. Wow sounds great I can't wait to read it especially because I can relate to being raised in a Puerto Rican house with parents that indulge in witchcraft exactly like Nicky


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