Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani

I need the sequel to Sunbolt now! Seriously, I'm dying to know what happens! Unfortunately, according to the blurb at the back, Intisar Khanani won't be publishing the sequel until early 2014. That's at least 7 months away! (Assuming she publishes in February). I wonder, can you make a time machine? And if so, can I make my juniors make one for me?

Sunbolt follows Hitomi, a non-local resident of Karolene who hides a secret of her own - she can do magic (but she's untrained). As she tries to help a family of nobles escape one day, she gets caught and well, that's where the story begins (and so I shall stop my summary).

I think Hitomi is one of my favourite characters! She's smart, she's brave and she has a sense of humour (anyone who doesn't melt into tears because she lost all her hair must have a sense of humour). She's also definitely not a Mary-Sue character, and has no love interests, which means this story is extremely refreshing.

Wait, maybe there will be a love interest. In like, Book Two. I can see hints, but it's not obvious. Ok, I really want the sequel now!

Plot-wise, Sunbolt is best described as a primer. The book does have some action, but it ends at what I consider one of the most important parts - I almost screamed when I found out I reached the end. Good thing I have some self-control. I would say that Sunbolt is here to introduce us to the main characters (especially Hitomi) and do some world-building. Hitomi's actual 'quest' seems to come later, now, she's still at the untrained stage.

This is another excellent book from Intisar Khanani! I've loved all her books so far, and I bet I'll love the sequel when it comes out! For now though, enjoy an excerpt from Sunbolt.

Disclaimer: I received this book as part of the Enchanted Book Blog Tours in exchange for a free and honest review.


“Look what’s here,” the leader says, calling the other soldiers’ attention to me. My steps falter as they veer towards me, quickly closing the distance between us. “What do you think she is? A mutt or a half-breed?” 

A half-breed they might not bother because those who are half-human and half-something-else often have some strength or ability that could cause more trouble than these men are looking for. Unfortunately for me, the secret I guard is fully human. I glance sideways at the fish seller in the stall beside me, wondering if I can count on her. She is young, no more than a handful of years past my own fifteen, her eyes wide with panic. No help there. I swallow hard, trying to ease the fear thrumming through my veins. 

I begin to back away, offering a hesitant smile to the soldiers. A smile? What am I doing? I should run— 

But it’s already too late. Two of the soldiers have moved ahead of the others, circling past me. I’m surrounded. 

“Mutt,” says one of the soldiers, taking in my features. I feel myself flush slightly. My parents may have been from different lands, but a good number of islanders have other blood in them, even if it dates back a few generations. How else did the noble women come by their sleek hair? Their problem isn’t with my bloodline. It’s with the fact that I visibly don’t belong, and I’m an easy target. 

“Half-breed,” two others posit, their boots sounding unnaturally loud in the quiet. “Definitely a mutt,” a soldier behind me says. He’s come to a stop a couple paces away, no doubt waiting for his leader to make the first move. 

 “Well, girl, what are you?” the leader asks. 

I refuse to answer in the words they’ve afforded me. “Human,” I say. “Sir.”

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  1. Hi Eustacia,

    LOL - sorry to leave you in such a bind! If it's any consolation, I'm about halfway through my first draft of Book Two :) So yes, I'd say February is probably a good estimate for when the sequel will be ready. I'm so glad you enjoyed Sunbolt. Thanks so much for your review!

    1. Hi Intisar,

      It's ok. This is the kind of bind I don't mind having - it's something to look forward too! I can't wait for book two!



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