Monday, November 21, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays - When Being Jewish was a Crime

I've been trying to be more engaged with the blogging community, and so, I figured I should try some of the meme's going around. Teaser Tuesday caught my eye, and I figured that it's a good way to give "air-time" to some books I might be reading but might not be reviewing, and it's a relatively easy one (for me anyway) to participate in.

Anyway, Teaser Tuesday was thought up by Should Be Reading, and I'm really excited to start doing this. Ok, ok, I'll stop rambling. Today's teaser is from the non-fiction book When being Jewish was a crime by Rachmiel Frydland. 

"During the night the snow fell, and we knew that our fate was sealed as our footprints would give us away. The three boys left us." (pg 119)

I won't be here next week (I'll be in Hong Kong with my Family), but I'll definitely continue this the week after(:  

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