Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fatal Lies by Frank Tallis

I read another murder mystery, but it was so much better than Murder at Mansfield Park. I suppose that sticking with the tried-and-tested books are the way to go. This is the second/third time I'm reading the Dr Liebermann series.

This time, the story revolves around a suspicious death in an all-boys military academy. A boy is found dead, of natural causes apparently, and the inspector Rheinhardt suspects it's foul play. The plot is interesting, as usual, and the ending was completely unexpected, considering that the book is quite long, which meant that lots of details were given away.

I really like the fact that since this book is set in Vienna, there are many references to food and music, although more so to music. The sub-plot, which was a one-time romance between Dr Liebermann and a new character, revolved quite a far bit around music. And to make things really cool, Dr Liebermann and Inspector Rheinhardt often practice music together: The doctor plays the piano and the Inspector sings.

So, a murder mystery with culture. Way cool.

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