Thursday, June 16, 2011

74 Seaside Avenue by Debbie Macomber

I made time to read today (because I can only take so much math) and I finished the Debbie Macomber book I borrowed from the library. Although I was a bit hesitant about the Cedar Cove series (I started off reading the Blossom Street series), I have to admit, I'm liking the series more and more.

Set in a local community, it follows the path of quite a few individuals, who are connected in some way or the other. This story is about Teri and her husband Bobby, who is apparently a Chess celebrity. Threats made by a Russian competitor (and how it's solved) make up the bulk of the story, but there are many other tales woven in, some I recognised as the beginning of the next story: 8 Sandpiper Way.

The story is actually really well written. Many of the characters are more than middle-aged but they're portrayed so well, their lives (well, a lot is focused on their love lives) is interesting. I actually had a hard time sorting out their ages until I hear a clue, like about their grandchildren (a very big hint about their ages), that's how lively they are.

The only thing I "don't like" about this series (well, compared to blossom street), is the sheer number of characters. At first, there were too many characters to keep track off, and it gave me a little headache. But after a while, when I managed to place each character within the community, it became easier to remember what was going on.

So, read this, by all means, but if you prefer less complicated/confusing series, please read Blossom Street first(:

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