Friday, December 31, 2010

Christianity in China (and HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

I've managed to finish one book by today, and I'm halfway through the second one. For the second post in a row, the common element is Geographical, although these books (there are three in total) are focused on history rather than prophecy.

And if anyone is wondering, all these books were lent to me, which is why they're not the kind I usually read, because I have no idea these books exist OTL....

Anyway, even though I don't take history, I find it really interesting (the only reason I don't take history is subject limitations, and that I refuse to sacrifice Literature for History). But I've realised that not taking the subject is liberating, since I can just read any part of history, instead of having to follow a certain textbook. E.g. When I was studying World History (which thankfully is broad enough to encompass lots of stuff), what I borrowed from the library was mostly limited to WWII, just because I figured that if I was gonna read history, I might as well study at the same time. But now, I can read about any subject I want~

The two books I read/am reading are God's Chinese son, which is about the Taiping Revolution (Which I've never heard of until yesterday) and Christianity in China, which is helping me understand and see the complexity of the Chinese culture and the (possible) influences of the Christian faith on it. I've realised from these books that I actually like China and Chinese Culture, but I don't like modern China, because I'm opposed to communism (So it's only the present China - PRC that I don't really like).

And HAPPY NEW YEAR!! God bless ^_^

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