Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So many books, so little time

"When things go right, I read. When they go wrong, I read more."

Because I'm such a bookworm, Aunty Florence (my paino teacher) lent me this book (among others) called "So many books, so little time", subtitled "a year of passionate reading". And when I read it, I was like "Wow! すごいですね (sugoi desu ne)!" And although she only set a target of one book a week, I wanted to kinda be like her and chronicle the books I read, as well as my impressions, both good and bad ones; and I'm not only gonna write about fiction, I hope I can write about non-fiction. And because my handwriting and spelling is AWFUL, I figured a blog is the best way of keeping record.

Although, since I can (easily) read one (or two) books a day, I'm not that motivated when it comes to writing. However, I'm gonna try. ^_^ Sadly, next year is gonna be IB year 6, so the amount of books I can read is probably going to go down T.T. Oh well, I hope this blog lasts longer than a year (which was the time period in the book). I hope this will be fun (:

Anyway, I really like this book (So many books, so little time), because, well, because I'm a bibliophile. So I suppose I can connect to it. My wishlist just got longer by one (plus all the books I want to read because she wrote about them so excitingly).

If you want to read more about the book, or any book for the matter, you should go to Amazon, where you can also read lots of reviews, and sometimes, take a sneak peak. For shortcuts, the link is here:

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