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Bored with this blog? Take a look around, there are so many cool book blogs on the net, each with their own USP (Unique Selling Point, pardon the business jargon), go ahead, click on the blog that catches your eye, and see you soon!

If you read very widely, then Turning the Pages by Kimberly will probably suit you. I'm probably too excited at seeing someone else describe herself as a Bibliophile as well, but she does review books from a wide variety of genres. And to bias myself even more, I saw the name Debbie Macomber lots of times in her recent posts(:

Random and Booky
The blogger behind this blog that generated meme's like Trailer Thursdays (which even I have heard of, and I'm ignorant), is Sara-Sadiya, an Ahmadi Muslim (click the link to find out more about them). Even though I didn't know what they were at first, I'm seriously proud (can you be proud of someone you've never met) at how she doesn't hide her faith. And yes, her blog is fun and random (random in a good way!)

If you prefer just Young Adult fiction, then L'amore Books by Becky is just for you. Her blog is easy to navigate and read, and if you like to keep up with what's going on in the blogosphere, this blog is obviously the one too follow. While I don't actually keep up with the latest books, she does, and it's fun discovering new and upcoming reads here.

Once Upon a Wanderer by Jade is, in her own words "a book review blog dedicated to those who are addicted to Young Adult fiction". What I like about this site is how she very nicely divides her reviews among genres, so you can easily search, and stumble upon, a new book in your favourite YA genre. Her reviews are also very personal, which gives it a unique touch.

Pages Unbound is a group blog written mainly by Briana and Krystal (with a regular guest post author called Zita). Although both authoresses love Classics and Fantasy, having two of them means that the amount of books that can be read, reviewed and hence, filtered into the "to-read" and "to-ignore" piles are much larger, and as a statistics student (it was for 2 years!), that should double the odds of finding a good YA book.

The Aussie Zombie
Written by Kat, this blog is obviously very unique: it's dedicated towards Zombie, Post-apocalyptic, Dystopia and Horror (with emphasis on the Zombie). Since my experience is limited to mainly Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (awesome book), this is the place to go if you're hankering for some stories about the undead (and I don't mean Twilight)

Realm of Fiction
Realm of FictionWritten by Sam, Realm of Fiction has very very long and in-depth reviews. In fact, I was really happy to see words like "plot", "structure" and reviews discussing characterisation! As a Literature nerd/student, I'm always looking out for long reviews and if they happen to bring in some literature terms, then all the better. To me, Literature is meant to help increase the enjoyment of reading.

It's probably very shallow of me, but I really love nice aestheticss. Maybe it's because my older cousin studies art. But Vicky's Books, Biscuits and Tea is really beautiful. From the header, to the general blog design and even the button, I'm practically swooning over the graphics. And to sweeten the deal (if trying to entice people to other blogs is deal making), she has a section called review requests, where the blogger requests for books to review ^^

Breaking Bookshelves
Demi has probably achieved every bookworms dream (well, mine anyway). She has so many books her bookshelf broke (hence the name of the blog). She focuses on fiction and explores this broad genre pretty widely. She looks at the covers, participates in meme's and blog tours while reviewing books. I don't think there's anything left in the book blogosphere that she hasn't done.

If you're methodical, you're like Margot's YA paranormal romance/fantasy blog. Her reviews are always broken down into the factual (the title, author, genre, number of pages and if it's a series) and the personal opinion. Even her personal opinion is broken down into sub-headings and unlike me, she stays on track when reading a book. If you need a book review and don't want to bother with reading about my life and other things, this is the place to go.

The first time you've heard of Pragya hear would be when she gave me The Versatile Blogger Award (for which I'm very happy and appreciative). But honestly, her blog is worth checking out. She writes what she reads, without a specific focus (like YA), although you can see her preferences. What I really enjoy reading about are the non-fiction books she reviews, they look interesting and are definitely unique.

You can see that Nicki J Markus is very in touch with the written word. She wears three hats: Author, Editor/Proofreader and Reviewer. And to top it off, she reads and reviews a range of genres, from paranormal to literary fiction. Since I'm not even sure what literary fiction is, her blog is really interesting for me to read.

Shelly writes nice long, detailed reviews. Basically, what I hope to achieve but seldom do. You can clearly see this when the reviews are much longer than the summaries, and sometimes, the summaries can be quite long. Apart from all this, I totally agree with her when she says "If fiction's a drug, I'm an addict".

Chat with Vera is a little hard to navigate with regards to book reviews, since it also contains many product reviews. However, if you continue reading on, you can find many Christian fiction and non-fiction reviews; and many of which, I've not heard of before.

I love the layout by Freebird. It's clean and simple with exactly 4 plugins (as of this writing). This means that the emphasis is on the book reviews and nothing else. When you read her reviews, you can really feel the force of her emotion coming through, and that's really great, since that means she really loves reading.

bookish 96Bookish 96 by Ayman is short and sweet. Her blog is new, but her reviews are already to the point, unlike my rambling ones. Plus, she also has a very pretty blog button (I really like pretty things ^^)

Mesa over at The Sagacity Quest writes lovely chatty reviews. She's also a YA fanatic so if you're the sort that loves to talk about the latest YA, you should really head over to the blog. It may be a one-sided conversation with the screen, but it feels like a real one.

Forever Lost in Books
Forever Lost in Books is a mainly YA, dystopian blog, but what I really like are the foreign cover posts. I'm not sure how new this is, but it's so cool. As someone who reads mainly in English, I can't even read the titles, but the covers are so pretty(: It gives a whole new perspective to the books.

You have no idea how psyched I was to hear about Melanie and her Christian-only blog. IB thought that IntoTheBook was the only Christian only blog (naive, I know). She has reviews, author interviews and so much more. It's definitely a fantastic blog to head onto.

Because good news comes in more than one, I found another Christian book review site! Christian Novels by Katie Hart and her sister, review only Christian books but in a variety of genres. Although there are quite a lot of ads, they don't interfere with the reviews. And now, NO MORE ADS :D

Winged Reviews, by Allison and Daphne, is a pretty blog that reviews YA and its genres. What's interesting is that each author has her own interests, and they have very nicely included pages that are solely for each review. So, if you happen to find that you like a certain genre better (they seem to be reading different genres), you don't have to endlessly scroll, but just go and read the specific writer's review.

Here's some more YA for you. With so many books to review, it's a good thing we have so many dedicated bloggers. Erin at Reading Rehab focuses on fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, dystopia (I wonder if she's read Fahrenheit 451? My fav dystopian novel) and paranormal.

Book AddictPersonally, I'm not a fan of paranormal romance. It seems... weird, and slightly overdone. You can blame my twilight-crazed friends for that (I'm proud to say I've never read the books). But Karla is a fan, so if you like things like that, then I unhesitatingly recommend you to go to her blog.

Joni's blog is mainly Y.A, with sprinkles of other things. I could rehash what I've said about Y.A. but why not just tell you why she says she prefers Y.A? According to Joni, "Young adult fiction is my favorite genre because, to me, these books seem more "real" than others. They tackle difficult issues that face teens and don't shy away from harsh subjects." And to top it all off, her favourite author is Sarah Dessen (-insert high-pitched squeal-). Which really, should be the deal-maker.

Book Whales is a brand new site (made Jan 8 2012) by Ice and Dannielle. They have a really pretty scrolling banner of different YA book covers, which kinda confirms my suspicions that YA plots (or the covers anyways) are starting to converge, which I guess, leaves only writing to differentiate the books. They have an extremely cute theme: whales, which adds a touch of whimsy, and appeals to the random side of me.

Sandee's a relatively new blogger (I think!) but that doesn't stop her from writing long, thoughtful reviews. So far, her reviews manage to be both long and spoiler free, something I haven't been able to successfully do. The cutest, and to me most unique, thing about her blog is her use of animated GIFs, to show her reactions to the books. Like they say, a picture says a thousand words, and some of those GIFs really enhance the review.

Soumi (please let me have spelt her name correctly!) is another blogger who writes really long thoughtful reviews (I'm starting to think that I'm the only one incapable of it!). But one other very striking thing about her blog is how she has wallpapers that you can download. Now, my computer can love books too!

Confessions of a Bookaholic
Emily (from the UK), review paranormal romance, young adult and dystopia. But what I like about her blog is how she posts her favourite quotes at the end of the review. Currently, I find myself posting quotes more and more as part of the review, so yay! Plus, she even has a section devoted to guest reviews, which is really cool, because then, you get to read lots of different voices(:

Becki has an adorable blog. From the Hello Kitty at the tab (mine is merely the blogger logo) to the "Sweet Menu" and generally the whole site, everything just screams "awwww". Even if it wasn't a book blog, I'll want to just stare at the pages. But to sweeten the deal, it is a book blog, and it has this really cool section called "Indie Authors Spotlight."

Books With Marshmallows is, as you can tell, a marshmallow themed blog. But what I like best about her blog is the "movie clips" sections. I heard somewhere that 2012 is the year os book-movies and well, that page consolidates trailers of several movies that were made from books.

Sitting With A Book
Sitting With A Book by Emily has a really unique blog background. The green leaves really invoke the image of sitting in a tree reading (not that I've had experiece with this - there were no suitable trees at my home). She writes really good YA book reviews, and does a lot of tours, so she has all sorts of great books reviewed. (What is this Bookaholic Social Network I see in the sidebar? It sounds awesome!)

In her own words, Florentine's blog  is something that she tries to "think outside the box and give my readers a unique, clear, and interesting review in order to give them a good insight on a certain book! I love what I'm doing and I think it really shows through my blogging :)!"  Sounds awesome right? Her blog is also readiculously cute, so if you're in the market for YA, here's another blog for you!

Bookwyrming Thoughts 
Sophia over at Bookwyrming Thoughts reviews mainly YA, fantasy and paranormal books. Plus, she doesn't review adult books so if you're looking for a blog that you want to recommend to really young kids and teens, this may be the blog for you. Her blog has an awesome background picture, and I love how there's snow falling across the screen. The symbols on her sidebar and tabs are really unique too!

Mommy's Idea
Jackie's Book World
I love the layout on Jackie's site! It looks exactly like a book! Her blog is pretty new, but you can see that she's having a lot of fun blogging! She reads a wide range of books, from YA to fantasy to mystery to paranormal. Her blog is specifically dedicated to books she has read and liked, so if you're looking for recommendations (and don't really want to read about how a book was terrible), you should head over to her site.

Another World of Books
Anastasia (Ann)'s blog is pretty new, but she's already an enthusiastic giveaway person (I suppose I should be learning from her(; ) Her motives for the giveaways are to let people enjoy reading, and really, how cool is that? She has a lot of interesting sections, like Movies, Series overviews, Book Releases - it all looks really good!

A Page of Heaven
Let me get this out of my system first - SINGAPOREAN BLOGGERS WOOHOO! I know they exist, but I didn't want to start commenting and get the "kaypoh (busybody)" type replies. So anyway, Adelena, Denise and Jing Zhi are the three sixteen year olds. They're close in age to the protagonists (and target audience), so they're probably a good representative of how teens view the book. Plus, with three authors, you get three types of viewpoints and writing styles.

Nook of Books Reviews
Ashley over at Nook of Books Reviews has a pretty cute YA blog. She has lots of books she intends to review, and I really like how she shares which books she's been reading on the kindle app. The reviews aren't very long (kinda like me I guess), but if you're rushed for time, you should check out her blog.

From the Shadows I Review
From the Shadows I ReviewDespite what you might think from the Char's blog name, her blog isn't dark or shadowy at all. In fact, it's really cute! I really really love the header (the picture anyway). She reads and reviews everything, but what I find most interesting is the way her reviews are structured. She has a "pre-read thoughts", where she tells you why she picked up the book and what she expected. Then she has "post read thoughts", which is the review. It's really cool, because if you picked up the book because of the same expectations as her, then you'll probably have the same reaction.

Library & Information Science Quotations 
Ok, this blog may sound boring, but if you're a student who needs help with research, or just want to read more about quotes, you should check out this blog by Dr Mohamed Taher. I kind of want to find a meme that involves posting deep meaningful quotes, then using this blog as a resource, take part in it(;

The Armchair Librarian
Nenia is a writer, reader and blogger. That's a triple threat combination! She reviews anything, although she tends to focus on romance novels and YA. Her reviews are really interesting and her opinions are persuasively put. 


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