Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Frog Princess by E.D Baker

The Frog Princess is a re-telling of yes, you've guessed it, The Frog Prince. In case you don't know the story (after all, the Disney Movie Version is new, and is also a retelling), here's how it goes:

A princess loses her golden ball (which means she's probably a child), a frog promises to get her golden ball back for her if she'll take him in, let him eat from her dish and kiss him. She agrees, breaks her promise, but the frog finds her anyway (scary). And her dad makes her carry out her promise. By the end of the story, the frog turns into a handsome prince and everyone's happy (he must have taken a long time to find her, since she was probably a child when she met him).

In this retelling, the princess (Emma) turns into a frog as well (This is kinda like the Disney version, but in the Disney version, the princess isn't a royal by birth. And voodoo is involved - Oh wait, Wikipedia just told me that the Disney version is based on this book. Oops.). The two of them have to work together to find a way to get back to normal.

Personally, I loved the characters in this series. Emma is a good first-person narrator - she's engaging and brings you over to her side almost right away. Prince Eadric is an interesting character - he's annoying at first (well, we do see the book through Emma's eyes), but as Emma warms up to him, so do we.

This book is actually the first in a series of books. I think I read them a few years back (when Aunty Florence lent them to me), so I'm really interesting in finding the rest of them and re-reading them again!

Note: This book was read for the Fairy-Tales Retold reading challenge.


  1. I think I read this one before... but I'm not sure. The cover looks familiar though!
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