Saturday, October 8, 2011

Travelling Light by Max Lucado

I've had a few encounters with Max Lucado's books before, although I haven't actually read them. For some reason, many people think that I'm a big fan of his books (actually, I'm a fan of Phillip Yancey). So, out of curiousity (and if you must know, also because I was out of books), I picked up Travelling Light from the Church library to give it a go.

Now, it took my simply ages to finish Free Of Charge. Mostly because I haven't had time. Plus, I just love reading and re-reading passages. It took me one day to finish Travelling Light. This doesn't actually say much, since I had way too much time at school that day, plus I have finish other awesome books in a day too. But when I finished reading the book, I felt a sense of un-satisfaction.

Now, I'm not saying the book isn't good. It is. There are passages that made me think, hmm... that's something I have to consider. But at the same time, I didn't feel any emotional connection, that I expected to have, with the book. And this isn't because of the prose. Because I'm pretty sure the prose was meant to evoke a personal response. I know, because when I try to emote (and pretty much fail) in my writing, I subconciously tend towards that kind of style. But despite all that, great (I think) prose, good content, I didn't think much of the book.

But I did give it a second chance. I left it for a day, but when I picked it up again today, I felt even less motivation to read it. And it's not because it's all roses in my life right now. Right now, I'm being pricked/stabbed by all sorts of thorns. And not only in school. But even though I tend to turn towards the emotional in these kind of times, it just didn't work. And I have no idea why.

This is why, I'm reserving judgement for this book. I won't say if you should or should not read it. I have no idea so...


  1. Ok, I get it. What were you expecting when you picked up this book? It is like the when I am reading the Bible. If I just pick the Bible up and just read it does nothing for me emotionally however, if I expect something out of it, then when I pick it up and begin reading, then I am blessed by what I read.

    1. The problem is that I do expect something from all books. I suppose, I was just disappointed that I wasn't moved more.



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