Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Great Divorce and Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis

I'm so happy! My books from amazon.com came yesterday. I don't know if I said it, but I'm really happy(: It's like receiving a present! But I haven't finished reading them yet (or started at all). I'm weird because when I read a book that I've been wanting to read, I like to make my reading experience as pleasant as possible(: Now is Week 11, so I'm waiting for a less hectic time. So, today, I read two books by C.S Lewis (once again, courtesy of Aunty Florence):

The Great Divorce came in a very nice cover, although the way the pages was cut made it too easy to skip a few pages (not that I did). The story is about the author, who gets on a bus ride from Hell to Heaven, where they are invited to stay forever. Although the story consists mostly of overhead conversations, it's still engaging. I was curious to find out the fates of the Ghosts in conversation, although C. S. Lewis does not say. I suppose it's because he does not want to limit the ending of the various case studies.

Surprised by Joy, although I had read before, felt unfamiliar to me. It's an autobiography of how C.S Lewis went from a form of Christianity to Atheism and finally to true Christianity again. It's very interesting, although I'm quite shocked at the gay relationships that went/go on in an English public school.....

After reading his books, I really wish I have the talent to write like him and Chesterton. It's interesting, how although he only refers to G.K Chesterton a few times, I could see his influence straight away. As soon as he used the phrase "the horn of elfland" (or something to that effect), I had a feeling that he read Chesterton. That phrase is so much like him.

C.S Lewis (and G.K Chesterton) are two authors that should be read and re-read. There are a few quotes that I want to remember, but I think I'll re-read the book. It's a good test to see if they are worth remembering - if they have the same freshness as the first time, it's worth keeping.

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