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Since the blogs in Fellow Bibliophiles are growing as time goes by, I decided that there should be a similar page dedicated to authors. Since I'm not sure if I'll do interviews, here's the place to learn more about the authors and find their blogs(:

The Paradox Series
This site is by Patti Roberts, a writer from Australia out to promote her books. She very nicely gave me a free copy of them and you can see my review here. Before you write this off as some commercial advertising space, this site has way more content than you'd expect. Detailed FAQs, explaining her inspiration, information about the belief in angels and even music videos about the books. If you're not excited about the books yet, take a look at her book trailers.

In The Self-Centered Dream
I just received The Annihilation of Foreverland from Tony, and like Pattie's Paradox Series, I'm in the midst of reading it (I'm drowning in ebooks ^^). His blog isn't a self-promotion blog, but is a personal blog. And wow, I think that apart from actually reading the books itself, the next best way to gauge their writing style is to read their blogs. Here, I'm already loving the writing style and content, which makes me very optimistic about the book. My review of The Annihilation of Foreverland is here

J.D. Field
J.D is a YA paranormal author with three books - The Quaravan Quartet, The Water Book and Song to Wake To. His blog covers a bunch of topics, from blog hops to where to get free ebooks and (of course), book reviews. I haven't read any of his books yet, but I'll keep an eye out for them.

Ian Fox's Blog
The first book I ever read from Ian Fox was Promise Me Eternity (link to review here) and that was because he very kindly offered me a review copy. Without rehashing my review, I'll just say that the book is good and move on to his blog. It's a very simple blog but it has interesting content on things like writing (why he has chapter divisions the way he has, how long it takes to write) and others (like success). It's very much a "behind-the-scenes" look, which is really interesting.

Brandi's Blog
I haven't read any of Brandi's books, so in her own words: 
"I write a little bit of everything (romance, YA, New adult, paranormal, mystery, suspense, women's fiction, and erotica). My site focuses on authors, especially indies like me, and of course, my books. I do author features, weekly excerpts, reviews, promo, and when asked, I also do cover reveals, giveaways and participate in blog hops. Everything about me and my books can be found there too!"

Adventures of Life and Literature
Jeanette Pekala is the author of Culture Shock, "a witty tale of mystery and romance with a large helping of southern hospitality." She blogs about a wide variety of topics, including her own work (there are giveaways!), writing and of course, book reviews. One recent blog post that I found interesting was whether Amazon free days are effective.

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